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Student Enquiry Management

Happy Student

Have meaningful conversation with prospect students. Respond to student queries at lightning fast speed & boost conversion. 

Empower your university's engagement with prospective students through our Student enquiry management service. Make the most of full-service enquiry management, responding to and nurturing prospects to apply. We meet your future students on the channels they use, including live chat, emails and calls.


In our fast-paced digital world, service level expectations are higher than ever before. Students expect first-rate responses in real-time, and on their channel of choice. That’s where we come in. We’ll scale-up your capabilities, engaging and converting the students you need to meet your recruitment goals.



1-Hour Response Rate

Hold a competitive advantage in the global education market, with more than 96% of student enquiries being resolved within just 60 mins.


Multiple Channels

Cater your student enquiries from multiple channels - calls, WhatsApp, emails, social media & live chat. Every query resolved within 60 mins.


Volume Management

Streamline responses to a high volume of enquiries to ensure timely, engaging and organised communication with students.


Increase Applications

Scale up engagement of your student prospects across multiple channels, from their initial enquiry to application. 

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Where your prospects at?
WhatsApp, Instagram, Calls & Emails.
All covered. Don't make them wait.

Not only there are more prospective students asking questions, but they are also asking multiple questions and expecting quicker and quicker responses. Over 92% of prospects now expect a complete and personal response to any enquiry within a week - with 32% expecting this within just 24 hours. Universities with an excellent student enquiry management systems achieve an increased conversion rate upto 38%.

Immediate response to Calls.
60 min response rate on WhatsApp, Instagram & Emails.

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Escalate Your Student Enquiry Management Experience

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