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University Marketing & PR

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Make informed marketing and PR choices. Implement the right international student recruitment strategy for your university.

Revolutionize your university's recruitment strategy with our University Marketing & PR service. Say goodbye to traditional agent-based models and embrace direct engagement with prospective students. We create tailored outreach campaigns to showcase your institution's unique offerings, attracting top talent and fostering lasting connections. Elevate your recruitment efforts and attract better-suited students with our expertise.

Trust the experts at Fractal Global Education, and our wealth of market insights & network, to develop a compelling student recruitment strategy for your university.



Eradicate Agents

Enhance transparency, equity & improve student-university fit by eliminating agent dependance. Directly recruit meritorious students.


Add Financial Growth

Increased admission conversion by 3% equates approximately to $500 Million in additional first year tuition fee income for your university.


Build University Reputation

Build an irresistible university reputation that will give you a competitive advantage, with our unique outreach campaigns.


Attract Top Quality Students

Find the right mix of channels, messaging, creative and format, to attract top quality meritorious students to your university.

Reach students on platforms they use.
Boost engagement.

We build strategic, brand-specific campaigns around custom content and influencers to ensure that your target audience engages with consistent, relevant content on the channels they most frequently visit. We run these campaigns on multiple platforms to extract the best quality candidates & optimise the conversion rates.

Fractal employs a multifaceted approach to reach and engage with prospective students in India on behalf of our partner universities. By utilising an array of social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. we effectively tap into the diverse online presence of our target demographic. We use WhatsApp to facilitate direct and personalised communication, nurturing meaningful relationships with potential students.

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Multiple Platforms. Reach Wider Audience.
News to Social Media. All Covered.

The outreach campaigns enable you to include PR campaigns across wide variety of news platforms, blogs and social media channels in your student recruitment strategy. We curate & run excellent PR campaigns to build sustainable & elevated reputation for your university.

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Ditch 20th Century Education Fairs.
Advertise Digitally. Organise Digital Events.

Why depend on offline education fairs to recruit student? Digitally advertise your university's offerings directly to students without any mediator. Generate genuine leads & cater them with digital events. That's how you recruit in the 21st century.

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Unleash the power of internet & social media for recruiting. Advertise digitally & build an irresistible brand reputation for your university. Have an edge over other universities.

Organise independent digital webinars, 1-on-1 interaction sessions and events to showcase your university offerings, career opportunities, alumni interactions & student life to your prospect students. Reach to prospects highly invested for your university.

Get Housefull in Your Outreach Webinars.
Reach 1.5M+ Students with Fractal.

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Revolutionise Your Student Recruitment Strategy

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