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Reach Indian 🇮🇳students the right way with Fractal.

Amplify your outreach in India & attract highly talented students to your university.

High Quality Students

High Conversion Student Leads

Genuine Applicants

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Attract talent to your university.
Recruit like industry leaders with Fractal.

Generate High Quality Leads. Eradicate Low Quality Leads.

Recruit with Outreach Campaigns. Eradicate Agents.

Only Genuine Applicants. Eradicate Fake Applicants.

Achieve Higher Conversions. Eradicate slack students.

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Fractal Global Education is from the house of


Impacting 5 Million+ students achieve educational dreams since 2000, Shivani's Shivani Publication is the largest technical publisher for undergraduate courses across Madhya Pradesh, India.


At Impulse Activator we build brands faster than 𝑒ˣ. We create ideas for brands and businesses that win people's attention, create affinity at scale and drive action, fuelling exponential business growth.


With more than 35+ campaigns delivered successfully, our marketing strategy curated over the years encourages highly talented students from India to apply to our partner universities. Our marketing strategy consists of reaching target students through multiple channels & mediums to ensure the best outcomes for our partner universities.

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University Marketing & PR

Strategise student recruitments. Attract top talent.

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Student Enquiry Management

Respond to queries in minutes.
Enhance conversions.


Identify potential students through multiple channels

We build strategic, brand-specific campaigns around custom content and influencers to ensure that your target audience engages with consistent, relevant content on the channels they most frequently visit. We run these campaigns on multiple platforms to extract the best quality candidates & optimise the conversion rates.

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Reach Indian 🇮🇳students through relevant channels

Fractal employs a multifaceted approach to reach and engage with prospective students in India on behalf of our partner universities. By utilising an array of social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. we effectively tap into the diverse online presence of our target demographic.


We use WhatsApp to facilitate direct and personalised communication, nurturing meaningful relationships with potential students.


This multi-platform strategy not only enhances our reach but also allows us to tailor our messaging to each platform's unique audience, resulting in improved engagement and, ultimately, higher conversion rates for the university programs we promote.

Reach meritorious students across 500+ institutions

Fractal's extensive network, comprising student organisations, influencers, and dedicated ambassadors, grants unparalleled access to more than 1 million students across 500+ esteemed institutions throughout India. Renowned as one of the nation's largest and most influential student networks, we've consistently delivered remarkable outcomes for more than 50 esteemed brands and educational institutions. Partner with Fractal to tap into this powerful ecosystem and propel your university's postgraduate programs to new heights in the Indian market.


Be a Market Leader in India with Fractal.
 Choose Fractal. Stay Ahead. 


Revolutionise Your Student Recruitment Strategy

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